Tuesday, March 20, 2012

2012 Prom Dresses

While writing as Journey * on HubPages for the past 3 years, I have included annual articles regarding prom dresses. They have been opinion pieces on what I have considered to be some of the most beautiful prom dresses available on the market for the respective years.

I recently wrote about the prettiest prom dresses for 2012. Please see the article here.:


I hope it is helpful to you if you are getting ready for prom or you are a parent helping your teen to get ready for prom!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Joshua Ledet - American Idol star

Joshua Ledet gave an amazing performance of the song When a Man Loves a Woman on this evening's episode of American Idol. Contestants were asked to perform a song from the year they were born. Joshua, the youngest of 8 children in his family chose to sing Michael Bolton's version of the Percy Sledge original When a Man Loves a Woman. All of the show's judges Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson agree that Joshua's performance was excellent and should keep him safest from elimination among all the contestants this week! I totally agree.

They also thought Holly Cavanaugh's performance of Celene Dion's The Power of Love was one of this evening's best performances. I agree with that too.

Cheers. Until next time.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Season 10 of American Idol

Season 10 of American Idol is shaping up quite nicely with some truly talented individuals as contestants. Things are also progressing quickly as the first eliminations from the top 13 contestants (10 chosen by the public plus 3 given a "second chance" by the judges, Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson) have already occured.

Regardless of how well they can sing, some contestants seem to have more stage presence than others. What they call that star power or It factor. I can definitely picture some of them as becoming more famous celebrities before others. For example, while Jessica Sanchez is a great American Idol singer with an awesome voice in her rendition of Whitney Houston's greatest hit song I Will Always Love You, Colton and Skylar are both examples of contestants with great stage presence. We've got to keep in mind that Jessica is also younger and the more mature contestants seem to have more of a command on stage.

Nevertheless, none should be underestimated. The show has been known to help contestants undergo makeovers in wardrobe, hair and makeup to achieve that superstar appearance:-)

One of the things I have been enjoying on the show is the revival of a lot of great classic and hit songs. We the tv audience are reminded of how wonderful some of these songs are that we haven't heard in such a long time.

We know that Ray Charles' song Georgia as well as many songs by Stevie Wonder and Whitney Houston have been highlighted during the competition but one of my favorite songs to hear that I hadn't heard in so long and I started listening to again on YouTube is a song that was played by Colton earlier in the competition.

It is Coldplay's Fix You. Beautiful. Here is the video for you to enjoy.

Lauren by Ralph Lauren Handbag

photo credit: ralphlauren.com

As featured in the April 2012 issue of Essence magazine dedicated to the late singer Whitney Houston, there is a pale yellow Ralph Lauren handbag that is absolutely beautiful for spring. I have added it to my fashion wish list.

In anticipation of what it might cost, I played the game of The Price is Right in my head:) before looking the handbag up online. I looked for this specific bag at the Ralph Lauren website but could not find it.

Then I checked back at the ad in the Essence magazine issue and it turns out that it is "premiering" on April 2nd. Let's be on the look out for this beautiful bag!

Meanwhile, pictured above here is a similar bag (not the same) in brown that I found on the website. It retails at over $300 which was not a surprise but while pricey, we know that these fine leather goods can potentially last a lifetime. This bag is the Bermondsey Leather Shopper in Lauren Tan.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Another shout out to Old Navy

photo credit:oldnavy.com
photo credit: oldnavy.com
I also love Old Navy's socks for toddlers. I last had the 8 pack costing $12 which I received as a gift and I liked them so much, I was headed to the website to stock up on some more. At the website, I found an even better deal that I decided to go with. For just $1 for each pair, I got several pairs of both of these super cute socks instead. Eight pairs of these would only be $8 and I don't hesitate to stock up on several pairs of the same socks. In case sides go missing, you always have another!

Best jeans for toddlers

photo credit: oldnavy.com

I am really happy with the Old Navy loose fit toddler jeans for my little one. They are very fashionable. They look so trendy. Baby won't care what he's wearing but he'll always be in style:)

Regular price was $16 a pair. I was excited to recently get them on sale for $10 per pair. I stocked up for sure on sizes 2T and 3T. You can check back with Old Navy periodically to look for this great deal.

$10 was really the lowest price I have ever seen them. They are currently $12 each for 2 pairs or regular price for one pair. Regular price is now up from $16 to $16.94.

Hanes Her Way is on sale at Walgreens

visit walgreens.com for an excellent deal on Hanes underwear for women OR men.

More practical than fashionable perhaps, these are nevertheless an awesome buy and now is a great time to stock up.

3 pack of ladies panties for $7.97. Buy one get one free. That's six panties for $7.97. A great BOGO deal.

Similar deals on boxers for men.