Friday, May 14, 2010

Fashion Find of the Day - Prom Dresses

Edressme ( has prom dresses currently up to 90% off. There are some really pretty ones in the collection and most cost about $75. Happy shopping!

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fashion find of the day - Bella's Birthday Dress from Twilight New Moon Movie

I bet you thought this blog was abandoned but I promise it isn't however rare the new posts might become. Here is a fabulous fashion find that I am excited about and thought I would share. We all know about the Twilight phenomenon. This fashion find is inspired by the Twilight New Moon movie. It is a rendition of the dress the character Bella wears at her birthday party. Available at Torrid (, the original price is $128 currently on sale for $47.97

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In the trailer below, see the dress as featured in the movie. I really like its shimmery olive green color and detail.