Friday, January 28, 2011

American Idol Auditions

Hope you are enjoying a happy new year so far. Blog posts will become more regular than they were in 2010. Here is the post for the day.:

The majority of Americans seem to enjoy the reality talent shows such as American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance and Live to Dance. The latest season of American Idol is off to a great start. Paula Abdul has left the cast of judges to headline her own show, Live to Dance and the newest lineup of American Idol judges include Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez. Randy has been on the cast since season 1.

Just as the majority of Americans may like the American Idol show, the majority of them may have been touched by 26 year old Chris Medina's story and his audition. He sang beautifully. His song of choice was Break Even by The Script. The popularity of this already popular 2009 song will surely be revived as Chris sings it on television in 2011.

The lyrics of the song are heartbreaking with lines about lack of faith and hope and love lost. Nevertheless, as Chris's own story is featured on the American Idol show, there is video footage of a banner held high on the wall in his home, stating "I believe in miracles" a declaration of faith and hope even during difficult circumstances.