Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Look at what I got for free from Kohl's

I recently made a purchase of around $80 at Several of the items I bought were toddler/kids clothing on clearance sale. Some brown corduroy pants in size 3T by the brand Jumping Beans were on clearance sale for only $3.99! Needless to say I bought several pairs of those. With my Kohl's purchase I received a deal that the company is well known for frequently advertising. That is Yes2You Rewards, $10 back in Kohl's cash upon making a $50 purchase. So, when you shop at Kohl's keep in mind that you can get great deals in the clearance section, perhaps use an additional % off coupon code plus get the frequently offered $10 reward for a $50 purchase. This is a great deal all around.
I received the notification about my $10 reward via email and was able to use it on my next purchase, no minimum order required. Since I was not really in the market for anything more at the time, I decided to spend no more than the $10 reward. This allowed me to head over to the clearance section of once again and peruse it to see what I could find for under $10. I decided upon a stylish cute "Live, laugh, love" floor mat with floral decoration, on clearance sale for just $5.99, originally priced at $14.99. It is just the perfect size for a foyer or entry way & I think it's especially nice to decorate with during the spring season. To that, I decided to add a limited edition character ornament from the animated movie The Princess and the Frog. Originally priced at $16.99, the ornament was on clearance sale for just $3.99. With these two small purchases taken care of by my free $10 reward, I only had to pay only the shipping charges of $5.97. These two free items arrived from Kohl's in a timely manner and both are quite cute. Thanks Kohl's!

Friday, May 8, 2015

The owl trend in kids' fashion | Cute owl t-shirt from the Children's Place with quote "Mom and Dad are a hoot!"

Saying that owls have been trendy might be a bit of an understatement as retailers have been capitalizing on the worldwide popularity of owls for years now. Owl motifs and designs are trendy in fashion, jewelry, household d├ęcor and more. Just as you might quickly come across some owl earrings in a store featuring women's jewelry for example, you might just as quickly spot the owl trend in kids' fashion options like I did at the Children's Place online store.

T-shirts for kids are often on a very good sale at the Children's Place. Some tees were on sale and it was a matter of choosing which ones I liked best for purchase. I really liked this "Mom and Dad are a hoot!" owl tee in its vibrant blue color with the owl drawn so cutely in a more of a minimalist design. I purchased this kids' t-shirt for only $3.99 plus an additional 20% off. The Children's Place often readily offers an additional percentage off sale price when you diligently look for a coupon code through websites such as or through the subscribed email list from the Children's Place or perhaps even by just going directly to the Children's Place website where you might see a coupon code posted and available for all shoppers.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Free shipping no minimum at Forever 21 expires tomorrow 5/5

I love free shipping no minimum deals! Don't we all? Forever 21 is offering free shipping with no minimum purchase until tomorrow 5/5/2015. I enjoy shopping at Forever 21 for several items including sweaters and hair accessories. This is a great opportunity to grab something small like a hair accessory at the website and not have to pay for shipping. Forever 21 is a retailer that often offers some great deals, so much so that there are frequent waiting lists. You can subscribe to receive email alerts to learn about when something is available again if it had been sold out. I have done this myself recently for several items including some headbands and a pretty floral mirror compact that was on sale for less than $3. I hope you've had a great weekend. You can head over to and enjoy this free shipping no minimum deal if you decide to use it. Please come back to visit here at soon. Bye for now!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Dino on a skateboard

I recently spoke of the comic relief you can get when you child is wearing a super cute and really funny outfit, whether it is a tee with a funny saying on it or perhaps a shirt or accessory with a funny picture. This particular t-shirt artfully depicting a dinosaur on a skateboard is just so endearing. Something about it makes me giggle when I see my son wearing it. Of course, I love to laugh, so that makes this t-shirt rank high up among my favorites in his t-shirt wardrobe. I also like the high quality of this t-shirt. It washes well and the black trim at the collar and the ends of the short sleeves are good quality details that I really like. As always, I love a good deal and here at, I am most likely to write posts about items that I bought on good sales and offer information that can help to save you money. Having had kids for a few years now, I would say that I definitely live and learn and it is very important to be frugal and save money for the really important things. Even famous billionaire Warren Buffet has lectured about the importance of frugality. Those that have a lot of money are also wise enough to save it whenever they can. So, over the years I have really learned about saving money on everything from food to clothing to travel and more. So back to the subject at hand, this dino tee is both stylish and adorable, perfect for little boys and I purchased it at the Children's Place. You will be hearing a lot about the Children's Place from me. I really enjoy shopping there. The price of this t-shirt with the dino on a skateboard was just $3.99 on clearance sale. At, taxes were added but shipping to my home was free! Always be on the look out for those hot clearance sales and free shipping with no minimum offers. My review of this fashion tee is very positive, 5/5 if I were to rate it: In summary, it is well made. It not just a plain tee, but one with a super cute and creative picture that will make you smile. The t-shirt holds up well after several washes. The clever idea of dinosaurs on skate boards has really been catching on over the years in various arenas for artful and comical ideas but when I stumbled upon this shirt, I still found it fairly unique (I like unique items) and nice to add to the wardrobe.

Gotta love the Macy's friends & family events | Take an extra 25% off at Macy's including sales & clearance items

Here is another great coupon code to share. It also expires soon, this Monday, May 4th so if you are in the mood to shop and in the market for anything that Macy's is offering, well you better act fact. :) The coupon code is sweet, simple and easy to remember. It is: FRIEND. Note that exclusions will be listed and the offer can not be combined with any other. If you are looking to buy eclectrics/ electronics, matresses, floor coverings and furniture, the offer will be for 10% off not 25% off, but the 25% off will apply for fashion apparel so this will be great for shopping for some stylish clothes. This is another coupon code / promo code that can be used both in store at the register and when shopping online. Just remember to use that code: FRIEND through May 4th. Happy shopping!

Kohl's promo code - expires 5/3 | $10 off a $40 women's athletic shoe order at Kohl's

Do you read your local Sunday newspaper? Sometimes, taking a break from computer screen time and relaxing while reading hard print books, magazines and newspapers is the way to go for me. Through reading last weekend's local newspaper, I learned about a few valuable coupons for fashion. As always, I love a really good sales deal. This particular promo code that I am about to share with you is for the store Kohl's. Receive $10 off a $40 or more purchase on women's athletic shoes and comfort shoes. The promo code is: COMFORT10. You can use this promo code in store or online at but you better act fast is expires tomorrow, 5/3/2015! You can go to to learn about any exclusions on this offer.

Disney Cars Lunch Tote

Jcpenney frequently has great sales going on and I highly recommend visiting the store in person or shopping online from time to time. When you shop online at Jcpenney, you can enter either or as the website address. Official Disney merchandise is consistently of good quality and I was very pleased to find a nice Disney Cars lunch tote on clearance sale at Jcpenney. The regular price is $12.99 and I got the Disney Cars lunch tote on clearance sale at Jcpenney for only $5.99! The quality and price were both awesome. I took a look on and there are USED and "vintage" Disney cars lunch totes selling for even more money! A lunch tote is not the kind of thing I want to buy used anyway but whenever you are unsure of whether you are getting the best possible price on an item, I find that it would be a good idea to look at how much the item is selling for on or In addition to the Disney movie Cars, at the time of my purchase, there were several additional lunch totes available with matching backpacks if you so desire. The lunch totes included various movie themes including Cinderella, Planes, and Jake the Pirate. All of these lunch totes were just $5.99 each and the backpacks were $12.99. The regular price for the backpacks had been $25.99. This is yet another instance where buying in the off season can prove beneficial. Prices for these kind of items will be higher at the end of August, back to school season. When you find something you really like at a fantastic price, catch it before it sells out. My son loves his Disney Cars lunch tote and I do too. is the website redirect name for this blog and perhaps a much easier website name to remember Thanks for visiting this blog and when you would like to check back for information, you can also just type in

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Disney Frozen Olaf hat

Here we are, the last day in April and I am posting about a snow hat. Oh well. Some truly busy times kept me from posting much sooner, but I do want to share the information about this deal with you and perhaps you can look out for it later this year, in the next winter season if it will be available again. For just $6.99 each, I purchased these adorable Olaf snow hats for my boys during the Christmas 2014 season. I purchased them at and the price had been significantly reduced in a clearance deal. I can not recall for certain what the original price was for each hat but I think it was $12.99. So, that's an almost 50% off savings. It's a nice quality hat that provides some comic relief. It will make you smile when you see your kid wearing it. The character Olaf from the Disney movie Frozen is really funny. I have stumbled upon several good clearance deals at I recommend you look at that section of the Walmart website to save money. Shopping in the off season is another tip you might find helpful if you do not already know about it. Winter items will generally be less expensive at the end of December/ beginning of January than they are in September, October or November. They would be even less expensive now, in April, May and the hot summer months. Yes, that is really off season. If you have adequate space to store items, maybe you would like to shop for them early, before you really need them. Until Next Time. Cheers!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Top 5 Sites for online shopping for high quality brand name sneakers for boys

"You get what you pay for" is a phrase that never seems to go out of style. Sometimes, when hunting for a huge bargain, we end up receiving a cheaply made, low quality product that does not last. Often times, paying a little extra allows you to be provided with a product that can last much longer than the cheaper one. Nevertheless, you really score a great deal when you get that higher quality product at a much lower cost than typical. I like the stylish features and durability of shoes that are very well made. When online shopping for shoes for my sons, I have learned to weed out the sites that will not typically offer me the best deals and go straight to the ones that will. In no particular order (I have not ranked them), here are my top 5 sites for online shopping for high quality brand name shoes for boys.: 1.
We shouldn't underestimate the value we can get in occasionally taking a look at the clearance prices at retailers we might typically think of as being less affordable than most. On several occasions, I have found some really great deals at I considered these little kid boys sneakers from Nike to be a fabulous find. I like the brilliant colors of blue, yellow and black in this trendy combination. I purchased them a few months ago for $29 including tax and shipping. is one of the online retailers that offers free shipping on every purchase. 2. Considered to provide outlet items from Nordstrom at accompanying prices, Nordstrom Rack might be lesser known to many. I just found out about it and started purchasing from Nordstrom Rack myself not too long ago, maybe 4 months ago. If I had seen information about it prior to that, I did not pay it much attention and it is not memorable but now Nordstrom Rack has my attention and I will be shopping there again in the future. There I purchased Rebook little boys sneakers for only $16.97 in a blue color similar to the Nike sneaker above. The color combo is blue and orange (with orange detail and orange shoe lacings) as opposed to blue, yellow and black. They are bright but not too loud and have some suede as well. The music lyrics "Don't you step on my blue suede shoes" come to mind often when I help my son lace them up. On pitfall that you would need to look out for when shopping with Nordstrom Rack is that you must typically make a $100 purchase in order to qualify for free shipping. If you were to order just that one pair of sneakers like I did at the time, you will have to pay approximately $8.00 for shipping bringing that $16.97 up to $24.97 not including the tax. 3. Another great online shoe dealer that offers lots of coupon incentives for purchasing nice, trendy shoes for the whole family. I have only shopped with them once so far but occasionally visit the site to see what's new and can imagine shopping there again sometime soon. What I purchased at was a pair of Fila sneakers for little boys. They are navy blue with the white NY Yankees logo on the side. Very cute! boasts purchases that are tax free, with free shipping and if needed, free returns as well. I was given a $10 off coupon for, from a Shutterfly photo printing purchase I had made, so thought I would try it out. Even with the $10 off coupon, this sneaker purchase did take me into the 30 something dollar range. I have since become even more frugal and savvy for a great deal so now, wherever possible I keep children's sneaker purchases UNDER $30 including taxes and shipping. 4. / I found some very durable Fila sneakers for little boys at this site. They are black with red detailing. They look great. They were only $19.99 at the time, advertised to be 60% off original price. This was a very good purchase. I recently revisited the site and this week, these same sneakers are on sale again but they are $24.99 not $19.99 so they are not at the best possible sale price right now. Additionally, with jcpenney, you must typically make at least a $75 purchase to qualify for free shipping. For lower priced purchases, you might be charged around $8.95 for shipping.
5. New Balance has been one of my favorite brands for sneakers for years now. New Balance sneakers can often hold up really well for a long time. Found at are New Balance sneakers for little boys. The ones I like most are black with the trademark "N" on the side of the sneaker. The "N" is colored yellow. These eyecatching black and yellow sneakers are awesome. Kohls has an offer that is advertised often. You can earn $10 Kohls cash to spend on a future purchase, when you purchase $50 worth of merchandise. On sale, the sneakers are in the 30 something dollar range. I have been seeing these sneakers at recently but I actually purchased them at if I remember correctly. Right now, they are no longer available at A couple of good additional websites to consider for sneaker shopping are: (outlet pricing) and (clearance section) I hope you found this helpful. Bye for now.

Rollback at Walmart - Fruit of the Loom t-shirts on sale for just $2.97 each

This past weekend, the family and I went shopping in the Walmart store. I shop Walmart online fairly frequently but in the past 4 weeks, I went to the store in person, twice. One of the good finds this time was a Walmart rollback deal for Fruit of the Loom t-shirts for boys. The already very reasonable low price of $3.47 per t-shirt was reduced to $2.97 per t-shirt! I think that anything under $3.00 is a truly awesome price for a child sized t-shirt. We might often think of Fruit of the Loom for underwear and under shirts only, but these t-shirts are not undergarments. They are good quality t-shirts for wearing in the spring and summer with jeans or shorts. They are available in an array of colors. I snagged a couple of blue ones and was pleased with the purchase. With the sales cycling from Sunday to Saturday, the price of this particular item might possibly go back up by this coming Sunday. I encourage all Moms with active boys to take a look at this deal. When strolling around the Walmart, don't forget to look out for those 'Rollback" signs indicating clearance deals. Where the $2.97 Fruit of the Loom t-shirts were set up, there were other display tables nearby with other t-shirts priced at $6.00 and up, so let's keep a keen eye for the best deals. Until next time...Cheers!