Saturday, May 2, 2015

Dino on a skateboard

I recently spoke of the comic relief you can get when you child is wearing a super cute and really funny outfit, whether it is a tee with a funny saying on it or perhaps a shirt or accessory with a funny picture. This particular t-shirt artfully depicting a dinosaur on a skateboard is just so endearing. Something about it makes me giggle when I see my son wearing it. Of course, I love to laugh, so that makes this t-shirt rank high up among my favorites in his t-shirt wardrobe. I also like the high quality of this t-shirt. It washes well and the black trim at the collar and the ends of the short sleeves are good quality details that I really like. As always, I love a good deal and here at, I am most likely to write posts about items that I bought on good sales and offer information that can help to save you money. Having had kids for a few years now, I would say that I definitely live and learn and it is very important to be frugal and save money for the really important things. Even famous billionaire Warren Buffet has lectured about the importance of frugality. Those that have a lot of money are also wise enough to save it whenever they can. So, over the years I have really learned about saving money on everything from food to clothing to travel and more. So back to the subject at hand, this dino tee is both stylish and adorable, perfect for little boys and I purchased it at the Children's Place. You will be hearing a lot about the Children's Place from me. I really enjoy shopping there. The price of this t-shirt with the dino on a skateboard was just $3.99 on clearance sale. At, taxes were added but shipping to my home was free! Always be on the look out for those hot clearance sales and free shipping with no minimum offers. My review of this fashion tee is very positive, 5/5 if I were to rate it: In summary, it is well made. It not just a plain tee, but one with a super cute and creative picture that will make you smile. The t-shirt holds up well after several washes. The clever idea of dinosaurs on skate boards has really been catching on over the years in various arenas for artful and comical ideas but when I stumbled upon this shirt, I still found it fairly unique (I like unique items) and nice to add to the wardrobe.

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