Friday, February 27, 2009

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Direct Selling

So, now that the excitement of the Golden Globes, Grammys and Oscars are over, blogging focus will switch from movies and music to fashion for a little while. It's fitting as spring is approaching and many of us are already experiencing warm weather or we are in temperate/tropical climates.

During this economic downturn, there's also a lot of talk about direct selling opportunities, either for residual income or as a full time business opportunity. The nice thing about direct selling opportunities is that if you also enjoy wearing various fashions, you can buy them from YOURSELF at a fraction of the cost of retail. So today's posting goes out to all those direct selling opportunities out there, especially those connected to fashion.

Printed shirred waist dress, AVON.
You can buy it from this Representative or your local Rep. that you already have.:

This Representative also provides free hard copy catalogs choc full of FREE samples upon request.

Within U.S., call 917-374-3058 for FREE AVON catalog and FREE samples!!!

AVON has just begun Campaign 6, where the lovely singer and actress, Jennifer Hudson graces the cover of the catalog. There are some great deals in the catalog so if you are not interested in becoming a seller, you can always buy. mark. is the boutique store for AVON and selling mark. is popular job among college students but older women like it too. Independent Sales Representatives with AVON and mark. are available to answer questions about that opportunity. Email Leave First and Last Name and phone number within the United States to be contacted. Don't be afraid to send your phone number for legitimate opportunities. Mary Kay and SMC are among the many other companies for direct selling, although not fashion specific. Contact your representatives today. For those of you for who have considered signing up for one of these direct selling opportunities, but you just don't think it will pay, make sure to educate yourself on direct selling first. If you're reading this and you are already a direct seller, thinking about how to improve business, it's important to study the strategies to do so. There is real money in it if you have time to commit. Just take it seriously, like a real job. Attend the trainings, become an expert, believe in your product.

Stay tuned...

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