Thursday, April 30, 2015

Disney Frozen Olaf hat

Here we are, the last day in April and I am posting about a snow hat. Oh well. Some truly busy times kept me from posting much sooner, but I do want to share the information about this deal with you and perhaps you can look out for it later this year, in the next winter season if it will be available again. For just $6.99 each, I purchased these adorable Olaf snow hats for my boys during the Christmas 2014 season. I purchased them at and the price had been significantly reduced in a clearance deal. I can not recall for certain what the original price was for each hat but I think it was $12.99. So, that's an almost 50% off savings. It's a nice quality hat that provides some comic relief. It will make you smile when you see your kid wearing it. The character Olaf from the Disney movie Frozen is really funny. I have stumbled upon several good clearance deals at I recommend you look at that section of the Walmart website to save money. Shopping in the off season is another tip you might find helpful if you do not already know about it. Winter items will generally be less expensive at the end of December/ beginning of January than they are in September, October or November. They would be even less expensive now, in April, May and the hot summer months. Yes, that is really off season. If you have adequate space to store items, maybe you would like to shop for them early, before you really need them. Until Next Time. Cheers!

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